Super Bowl LIV Advertising Boom

Super Bowl LIV Advertising Boom

     Super Bowl LIV is right around the corner and the executives at Fox are aiming to set new records for this years’ ad time. Fox previously broadcasted the Super Bowl in 2016, with the cost for 30-second ad placements averaging $4.9 million. Even with viewership dropping from 111 million in 2016 to 103 million in 2018, Fox managed to secure an average of over $5 million per 30-seconds ad in 2018. 

    Viewership has been on a decline since its record high of 144.4 million back in 2015. However, ad spending is still setting new records. Last year, CBS hosted the Super Bowl with the lowest viewership since 2009, at 98.2 million, but still seemed to top the charts with the average cost of a 30-second spot hitting $5.25 million

   According to Fox’s executive VP, Seth Winter, the network had sold all of their in-game inventory by mid-November of 2019. This is the first time any network has made such an announcement since 2013. 

    Another big headline for Superbowl LIV is this year’s political ads, and we’re not talking about political correctness. This time the spotlight is on political campaign ads. Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg are neck-and-neck for ad time, with each spending $10 million for 60-second placements. The Trump reelection campaign set new records for advertising on a national platform to every household watching the game. The ads are likely to run during the period of highest viewership, toward the beginning of the game.

    Last year, the NFL won over its audience with the advertisement, “The 100 Year Game,” featuring many NFL superstars like Marshawn Lynch and Eli Manning, among others. This year, many top brands will fight for their place in the spotlight. Verizon will attempt to tug on America’s heartstrings with their “First Responders” ads, promoting their 5G network. Coca-Cola has purchased one 60-second spot, after taking the bench last year and not advertising at all. Anheuser-Busch is planned to air four 60-second ads for its various brands. Doritos will launch their ad featuring actor Sam Elliott, whose familiar voice may overshadow his familiar face. The commercial will also feature one of the hottest hits of 2019, “Old Town Road.”

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