Social Media Marketing: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Globally, digital ad spending is projected to hit roughly $385 million in 2020, outpacing other traditional avenues in the advertising market for the first time in history. Directories, print, and tv are just some of the markets that were on the decline in 2019. With Google holding the top position in the digital market as…
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Super Bowl LIV Advertising Boom

     Super Bowl LIV is right around the corner and the executives at Fox are aiming to set new records for this years’ ad time. Fox previously broadcasted the Super Bowl in 2016, with the cost for 30-second ad placements averaging $4.9 million. Even with viewership dropping from 111 million in 2016 to 103 million…
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Digital Ad Spending 2020

Digital ad spending is planned to surge over $151 billion in 2020, the complexity of digital marketing objectives and direct ROIs could be the main contributing factors. Facebook is doing more than just offering website traffic referrals; You can directly track ROI with direct messaging, lead generation, app installations, online store visits, and catalog sales. With…
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