Research & Development


Our process begins with our team diving into the account's market research. Here, we look at the local and national market to learn as much as we can about the product or service at hand. Reviewing consumer reports, market trends, and customer surveys allows us to pinpoint the right demographics. 


Data onboarding is the process of transferring offline data to an online database. Combining this with online analytical data allows us to establish a targeted market.






Campaign Strategy


Working with the company’s marketing department, we decide what the first campaign’s message should focus on.


Working with the creative team, we craft ideas for how the campaign should be represented visually and audibly.  

Media Planning

Using the analytical data, we create a strategic media plan that focuses on the company's targeted audience. This is where we discover which media source or channel is best for the specific campaign while staying within budget.

Media Buying

Purchasing advertising space from various media companies.

Analytics & Reporting

Gathering website traffic data and campaign results.



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